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My Push Button Stove: Adobo Lemon Cod Recipe

I saved my stove because The Brave Little Toaster made me cry.


Come Bochinche with me!

I’m very thankful to be hosted by Williams-Sonoma on this leg of my tour. This will be my only PNW appearance, so come out and get your book signed! I hope to see some of your sweet faces.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Williams Sonoma University Village

Seattle, WA

RSVP by clicking this link -


Thank you so much to Aman Dosanj who reached out to me and asked if they could interview me for Elle Magazine. I was like, “Uh, duh.” Aman wrote a beautiful feature about my Puerto Rican Cookbook “Diasporican,” for @ellecanada that is out on newsstands now!

Yes, in print!

And guess who’s on the cover? The Town’s homegrown own @zendaya WHY IS THERE NO ONE HERE TO SEE ME THIZZ FACE?!!

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If you’ve been here for a while, you’ll know that my house was built in 1947. It has only been owned by three people. I love the flow of the little house, it reminds me of the casita that I grew up in.

Within a few months of John accepting our bid on his house, the moving truck he was driving to Palm Springs himself was parked in front of the house, filled to the brim. Whatever he couldn’t fit in the truck he asked if I wanted to take for free. Refrigerator? Yes. Washer and dryer? Yes, please. Queen bed with frame and mattress? Duh. Some vintage mint green tile for the shower you can use as replacements just in case? Fuck yeah. Comically overstuffed 1990s loveseat and matching chair in the detached casita? You betcha. Buckets of paint that matched the walls, paintbrushes, cleaning supplies, gardening tools. I just happen to catch John when he was what the real estate market calls a “motivated seller.” I’m saying he was “ret-ta-go.”

One of the other things left behind was a 1964-1970 Mark 27 General Electric drop-in, push button range.

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